Our design process

Our design process
  3D modelling
Arrangement and manufacturing plans
Isometric piping plans

Detailed presentation

"EN 1092 Aluminium loose flange DN080 PN10"
at point, X= 0.00 Y= -20.00 Z= 0.00
"EN ISO 4014 SS Hlf csavar M16-120"
at point, X= 30.62 Y= 0.00 Z= -73.90
"EN ISO 7090 SS Lapos alátét M16"
at point, X= -73.88 Y= -96.00 Z= 30.62
"EN ISO 4032 SS Hatlapú anya M16"
at point, X= -73.88 Y= -99.00 Z= 30.62
„EBRO Z011-A DN0080 PN10 EPDM-1.4408 LEVER"
at point, X= -0.01 Y= -48.00 Z= 0.00
Extrusion direction relative to UCS: X=1.00 Y=0.00 Z=0.00

Planning work method

We usually perform the planning of industrial facilities with the help of 3D CAD architecture and editing tools, assisting our engineering thinking. We prepare the 3D model of the system to the detail we think is necessary and what suits our client best.
From the model 2D projection drawings, isometric piping plans and axonometric 3D plans, and explaining images are made.
We can also perform the generation of a bill of materials, so preliminary cost estimates can be prepared in the early stage of planning.


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