3D Final construction drawing

3D Final construction drawing


The strategy of our company is to participate in the implementation of engineering projects for client based in Europe for their projects anywhere in the world. The engineering skills of our experts are outstanding in industrial machinery and piping. Our elder colleagues learnt languages while at work, and when we recruited our younger professionals, we consciously hired colleagues speaking foreign languages confidently. In the implementation of international priority projects we mostly use the renowned 3D engineering facility planner PDMS software of AVEVA. In 2009 we decided we will partly transfer to the use of PDMS, our experts were trained to use the system administrator and designer applications by experts of the AVEVA GmbH Hungarian Representative Office.

In 2010 we decided to establish our own (EN) spare part catalogue and pipe classes. Besides, we prepared the piping model of a tank park, by which we also tested the AVEVA VNET application.



In accordance with the expectations of our clients, we started using the CADMATIC 3D facility design software application in 2008. Our models are made with the application of the pipe classes obtained, and we usually perform the individual design tasks of technology blocks and units separated in space. Eight of our experts have learnt how to use the program, however in case we conclude a separate agreement with our partner, we are ready to implement projects in cooperation, thus we are able to perform the design of bigger facilities, in accordance with the deadline expectations of our clients. In the performance of remote presentations we found the built-in display of the software, the eBrowser application quite useful, its application provides quick and meaningful communication between project participants.



Since the establishment of Nitroterv Kft., our experts have been using the software of Autodesk to prepare drawings. With the launch of the 3D functions of the Windows-based AutoCAD R14 version we introduced 3D design methods. We tried out and used all the versions of AutoCAD lauched in the past ten years. Therefore we have always been looking for a facility design software on the market, which can support our work running on an AutoCAD base. We could not find an impeccable solution, we extended our applications with our own developments, making them in AutoLISP and VisualBasic programming environment. AutoDESK  Plant  3D is a totally new application, its trial version had already persuaded us. The software was launched at the end of 2010, we have used the trial version to design smaller facilities. We are planning its introduction when we change our software in the beginning of 2011.


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